Integrity: The foundation on which to build a successful partnership

We believe this. No question. At Annenberg Investments, Ltd., we have built our reputation on this foundation. Sharing more than thirty years of hands-on involvement with commercial properties, we know that acting on principle forms the true bricks and mortar of successful real estate investment.

After carefully renovating a new acquisition and implementing an aggressive marketing plan, we frequently escalate its occupancy rate above the market standard. Achieving superior occupancy, for us, is not uncommon. We take pride in this record of accomplishment.

We are experienced in acquiring, developing, leasing, managing, and repositioning quality properties. As property owners, we are also skillful in tenant representation. In fulfilling our many roles, we act with diligence and dedication for one reason: to maintain the trust we have earned. We attribute our success with buyers, sellers, tenants, and investors to the ethics we practice and to our willingness to work hard, to persevere, and to cultivate relationships. Adding value is the vision we bring to each project.

Our Goal: To maximize opportunities in real estate investment

There is no such thing as a risk free investment. But opportunities do exist to minimize inherent risks and to realize consistent profits. Through our experience, our track record, and our relationships, we build on those opportunities. Our research is thorough. Our decisions are solid. Our due diligence is evident. We believe that this foundation – the way we value and underwrite all that we do – minimizes the risk of investing in real estate. Maximizing the potential for success is the thriving company we have built.

A track record that inspires trust. Often what attracts us to a property is the opportunity to add value to an undervalued asset. Indeed, such assets are among our key market sectors. Many variables can undermine a property’s potential, most notably deferred maintenance and an occupancy level below that of comparable real estate.

Following the acquisition of any property, we commission architects and contractors to pursue our vision, to maximize the potential we see. We reposition assets even if that entails starting over, converting an office building into a retail complex or bringing in bulldozers to level the interior of a building and resculpture its grounds.

Relationships that Build on Respect

Very often our association with a prominent financial institution or a trusted broker is what brings an opportunity to our attention.
Having created lasting relationships with multiple lenders and within the real estate brokerage community, we strive to maintain the strong bonds we have forged. Doing so has been critical to our success in purchasing properties that appeal to investors and in satisfying new or existing tenants.